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Denim Jacket NAVI x LITKOVSKAYA Grey

A truly unique item for your wardrobe. This graphite jacket is made by hand, the “Born To Win” print is applied with washable paint, and BTW Velcro is sewn onto the chest and sleeves for attachable patches. We will send you a set of our branded patches along with a jacket.

Composition: 100% cotton
Care: Wash at 30°C with other dark items.
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1 review for Denim Jacket NAVI x LITKOVSKAYA Grey
  1. I’ve been eyeing this jacket ever since it has been announced. Even though I’m usually going for M or S sizes, I’d recommend picking +1 size with this one, it just looks better. The quality is top-notch, it’s windproof enough to be worn in Autumn, and if you combine it with a hoodie or a sweatshirt (preferably a bit oversized as well) you’ve got yourself a top look.
    There are enough pockets to carry lots of stuff around, including two on the inside, that are large enough for iPhone Max or Galaxy Note 10-sized devices. The patches on the shoulders are a great way to switch between the motto that you’re feeling in today.
    As I said, the quality and the looks are there, and what’s more important – this item does not feel gimmicky, it fits well into the whole street style thing without overblown “look at me I’m a gamer” feeling that some are going for.
    So, all the positives are listed, what about the negatives? I could only wish for more patches, and perhaps with slightly better mottos in the future. But the good news is, patches can be bought separately.
    Needless to say, if you’re a Navi fan and want to buy a solid quality everyday clothing – this is it.

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