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NAVI 2020 ProKit Sleeves (Text)
NAVI 2020 ProKit Sleeves (Text)
NAVI 2020 ProKit Sleeves (Text)
NAVI 2020 ProKit Sleeves (Text)
Reviews 13
30.01.2022, 12:39
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25.01.2022, 13:04
Подскажите когда будут в наличии?
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30.12.2021, 22:20
i waited more then 2 weeks for this item i live in usa
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30.11.2021, 10:30
Прошууу верните рукава хочю купить а их нету(((
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23.09.2021, 18:49
Верните в продажу рукава пожалуйста они просто топчик хочется купить
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04.08.2021, 16:59
Рукава просто топчик!!!
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03.08.2021, 00:57
Pls get it back to stock, I want to buy a pair :C
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13.05.2021, 19:28
Это компрессионные рукава ?
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Ivo Tasev
08.04.2021, 21:38
I love how the sleeves feel, but I did order the L/XL and the wrist size is a little too big for me, doesn't stay on for long periods of time, but I feel like that's just a size issue, unfortunately, the S/M was not in stock so I did not have a choice.
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04.04.2021, 22:17
Доставили быстро , по качеству все супер , в подарок положили наклеечку за что отдельное спасибо <3
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Daniel Bruno
09.03.2021, 15:49
Please get it back to stocks. I want it so much
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Vasco Brito
26.01.2021, 19:13
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Orhan Kemal
24.11.2020, 11:33
Please get it back to stocks. I want it so much
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NAVI 2020 ProKit Sleeves (Text)

Perfectly smooth glide, confident playstyle, and design that is way ahead of its time… And this all is not about the Marty McFly's sneakers!

We’ve created the sleeves special for gamers, as they will surely protect them from misclick at a crucial moment. The secret lies in the material and the invisible seam, which you cannot ever “trip over” while playing.

And yes, our set includes an entire pair, not just one sleeve. Choose one of three styles and be sure that nothing will distract you from the game!

  • Colour: Черный
  • Composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
  • Care: Wash at 30°C with other similar composition items.
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$ 22
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